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The Marina AIR is a high-performance suit with a total weight lower than 1kg. Thanks to the composition of its fabrics, developed exclusively by Marina Racewear, we have considerably reduced the weight, providing an ultra-light feeling and also complying with the protection standards required by the FIA. The inner layer structure has been designed to increase the suit breathability (65 cm3 of air / second). Marina AIR maintains the 12.1 seconds of protection against second-degree burns, characteristic of the competition clothes developed by Marina Racewear. The 5 Marina AIR customizable suits have elastic bands at waist and underarms that provide a wide range of mobility and great comfort.

The AIR line is available with a total of 7 different designs that you can customize.


  • Composition: 100% AR
  • Homologation FIA 8856-2000


  • Permanent flame retardant
  • Ultra light
  • 3 layers – Antibacterial
  • Extra soft
  • Custom embroidered logos

The standard delivery time is approx. 5 weeks after receipt of payment. Express delivery is possible within 2 weeks against extra payment.

Suits correspond to the valdi FIA Homoloation 8856-2000

Information to the latest Homologations:
The FIA standard 8856-2000 can be produced until the end of  2021 hergestellt and may be used max. until 2029.
The FIA standard 8856-2018 will be obligatory step by step for the following race series:
2019: Formel E
2020: F1, WRC (Priority 1 Teams), WEC
2021: WRC (all Teams), F2, WRX, ERX
2029: all other events

printed clothing:
With FIA 8856-2018 a certificate of the producer is obligatory. Addiontal printing of suits and underwear is not allowed anymore!
For the already printed clothing nothing changes. Patches are still allowed to be fixed (but only with firedproofed strand).

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Weight 1 kg